~ Pic of the Week ~ Caption it # 3 – WINNER UPDATE

Hello dear readers, Since the whole premise of my blog is to start something new, decided to start a new tradition of my own & very excited for it. I will name it ‘Pic of the Week – Caption it’ posts.  I took a  break from it for a while, but back with it again!!... Continue Reading →

Hello there! ~I am still here!~

Hello lovely people! How are you all doing? It has been a long while, exactly a month, since I posted. I am alive and still love writing, and am back:) This will be a quick short post just to check in with my beloved readers, which I just realized has reached 300+. Thank you all,... Continue Reading →

~ How much is too much? ~

Hello dear readers, It feels like a long time since I wrote. Finally sitting on our porch swing, winter is over, no signs of snow, nice day weather-wise. No snow is a good day for me so that is a pretty low bar for a good day, I know!:) Been sitting here, swinging, with a... Continue Reading →

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