How to Focus on Self-Improvement? – Avoid these Top 5 Distractions

Have been thinking about mind clutter and productivity lately. They are inversely proportional to each other. There are a lot of distractions that we face in our daily lives. So many things wanting our attention: advertisements, entertainment, youtube videos, to name some. How much of that really truly helps us to be successful in our... Continue Reading →

Lug Less, Roll More! ~7 Practical Travel Tips~

Rescheduled post: Originally published on Feb 26, 2018 Last year was THE most traveling I have ever done in one year. I had a total of about 15-16 trips, mostly business and a few pleasure. It was a whirlwind. I had switched jobs and came into this one knowing I would have to travel a... Continue Reading →

How to save on prescription glasses?

Rescheduled post: Originally posted on April 26th, 2018 Hello people! Super bowl is playing in the background and for some reason I don't even care about the advertisements today. So, writing this post instead 🙂 As promised, here is the follow up to my ~ Glasses Anyone? ~ Prescription that is! post. Check it out if you... Continue Reading →

Sugar Free ~ Day 3~

Dear fellow bloggers - Being Sugar-Free for the past two days has been somewhat of a challenge and a reality check on what we eat on a daily basis. I talked about why I wanted to go sugar free, what that meant for me and how I did it in these two posts here: Sugar... Continue Reading →

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