~About asking personal questions~

This post will be about asking personal questions to people you barely know. If you have been reading my posts, you know that I barely write posts that are not so positive. But, life happens, so do things like these. I feel it is necessary to bring awareness about subjects like these.

~Yes Or No?~

Dear Readers  - First things first, I would to like extend a warm welcome too all new readers on my site and the ones that have been around since I started writing blog posts. I now have 400+ readers on my site and I am grateful for all the engagement, support and inspiration to keep on... Continue Reading →

~ How much is too much? ~

Hello dear readers, It feels like a long time since I wrote. Finally sitting on our porch swing, winter is over, no signs of snow, nice day weather-wise. No snow is a good day for me so that is a pretty low bar for a good day, I know!:) Been sitting here, swinging, with a... Continue Reading →

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