Journey from ‘Little Love’ to ‘Baby Monster’ and back

Dear Readers, This will be a short post. Just something I was thinking about tonight as I get spit up on for the 10 millionth (ok, 6) times today and I almost ran out of PJs and t-shirts to wear.. anyhow! When I was pregnant, and it is our first baby, we longingly referred to... Continue Reading →

Curiosity – Sometimes leads to.. Alpacas!! ~Peru~

Rescheduled:  My Second Post, Originally posted Dec 14, 2017 I have always been an avid picture taker. Though, mostly on my iPhone, I still take tons of them. Heck, I even bought a 2 TB hard drive and pay for iCloud storage every month. I knew all these pictures of careful sequential documentation of adventures,... Continue Reading →


Rescheduled post: Originally posted July 10, 2018 Dear Readers, I know it has been a while since I wrote, but I still think about the blogging world quite a bit and my wonderful readers that have still been liking and commenting on my posts. I just haven't been able to write or maybe I was... Continue Reading →

~Onwards~ 3 months – You?

Hello Dear Readers, It's spring and still snowing here. I put the cushions on the swing-set out on my porch only to find it covered in s-Nooooooo(w)! It was starting to get sunnier and warmer but the weather gods decided they were just kidding! Anyway, I have sunshine in my thoughts! Since I know you... Continue Reading →

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