‘Destination addiction’

Dear Readers- Just a quick food for thought post here today. I think I have had this syndrome before, and even now and then I do. Saw this quote and it makes perfect sense. Doesn't it? If we are always seeking it somewhere other than self, it will never be where you are. Everything we... Continue Reading →

Oh baby! – I am back

Hello dear readers, I know I have been on a hiatus from the WordPress community...but, I am back! 🙂 I might still post intermittently but I love writing so plan on continuing to use this platform to do so. This post might not be the most polished as I write it in a sleepy-but-can't-sleep mom-bie... Continue Reading →


"Focus on things you want to see grow." - My Quote This will be a short post but wanted to give you all some food for thought. Blogging: Want more followers? Start reading more posts about things that interest you and follow/comment on their posts. Write posts that you are excited about and you will... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Post # 3

It has been a good Saturday so far. Started out doing a 20 minute yoga in the morning, followed by a good breakfast and we went out for lunch and had some pho, it was a perfect day for it. Warmed us up! It has started to get a little chilly here in the midwest,... Continue Reading →

~ Blogging Award ~

Hello there! Welcome to the new readers on my site and thank you to my existing readers for continuing to interact and make blogging fun for me. From your comments, it seems like you are enjoying the read, so I am thinking I will keep at it =) Andrea, nominated me for this Blogger Award,... Continue Reading →

How messy are you?

On the topic of being messy, how messy are you?  Do you like things neat and spotless all the time? **Side note: Stay tuned for a fun Poll Question at the end of the post!!** For me, I like to think of it as ... Organized Chaos! Organized Chaos I know where to find things... Continue Reading →

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