This blog is for anyone who has at one point or another wanted to start something or try something out, wanted to see their ideas materialize, wanted to go on an adventure, and to learn about the health effects of using store – bought products that we often know so little about. I will write about my experiences as life happens. I love documenting experiences through pictures, you can be assured you will have plenty to be entertained (dare I say – even motivated) with!

I firmly believe in “What you do (for work) is not who you are.” There are multiple facets to everyone. My passions happen to be: heated yoga, reading, exploring different countries/ states, adventures (big one for me!), baking, skiing and of course making organic lotions/lip balms. I am an engineer by profession and I also have a thirst for knowledge, internal peace and connection, just like you.

Please enjoy the posts, hopefully we learn together, and please reach out to me with your comments or feedback. I would love to get to know you! Thank you for visiting.

PS: 7 AM view of Machu Picchu was totally worth the early morning!!


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  1. Hi, I created my account on WordPress last week. I used to scribble my thoughts on paper sometimes but one of my friend suggested me to write here as I can get inputs from the larger community.

    I came across your site and thought if you can lend some guidance to me. I have enclosed below the link to one of my blogs. Request if you can spare a minute and provide your feedback. Thanks !


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  2. Hey!!
    Great to know a multifaceted person like you. As you said we all are in some way or the other multifaceted.. Just we have to work on it and explore more…

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  3. Beautiful picture. That would be amazing to explore.

    It is wonderful to read that you are a curious person. We need more of that in this world. I teach my girls to expand their minds, seek out new people, but most of all listen.

    Listening is a hard tool to master but it can be achieved and when that happens a new world is ready to be explored.

    Happy I found your site. Looks great.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words.

      I am so happy to know you are teaching your girls to be good listeners.

      Most people just want to talk. There is so much you learn from just listening.

      Yes, I am definitely curious and love exploring and constantly as why (mostly to myself). A warm welcome to my blog and feel free to browse and share your opinion. =)


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