Journey from ‘Little Love’ to ‘Baby Monster’ and back

Dear Readers,

This will be a short post. Just something I was thinking about tonight as I get spit up on for the 10 millionth (ok, 6) times today and I almost ran out of PJs and t-shirts to wear.. anyhow!

When I was pregnant, and it is our first baby, we longingly referred to our baby as our “little love”. I know it is corny but, ya, we did.

Fast forward to now, our little love is now 7 weeks old, almost 2 months, we now have a few more names for him.

Raising an infant for the first month is the most difficult job in the world as it is gratifying and humbling. The first few days/ weeks when we are getting to know baby well, all his cries and gestures, it is difficult for baby as he tries to adjust outside of the warm belly and we as parents adjust to him being part of the family.

You are winning if you are just able to keep him fed, dry and basically alive. It is not easy when you have a colicky baby, which is what we had and didn’t know for a few weeks when he cried and cried for no apparent reason to us. He was fed, clean and dry. Those were the days when we lovingly named him… you guessed it “baby monster”!

When were able to figure that out and do things that helped calm him down, thats when we got back to him being our “little love” again. Although there are still moments when we call him “screamy head” or “stinky face”(you know bc of the constant spit up)….he is stinking cute and he is back to being our “Little Love”. It is hard to imagine what I used to do with my time pre-baby monster👶🙃

What were some of the things you lovingly called your baby?

Also, be honest, does it get any easier as a toddler? (wait..I might know the answer to this already but humor me!)

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