Oh baby! – I am back

Hello dear readers,

I know I have been on a hiatus from the WordPress community…but, I am back! 🙂

I might still post intermittently but I love writing so plan on continuing to use this platform to do so. This post might not be the most polished as I write it in a sleepy-but-can’t-sleep mom-bie mode, but please bare with me, it will get better (hopefully 🙂

So …Got some news, I recently had a baby. I still can’t believe I created this little adorable human who is sometimes frustrating and mostly sweet, lovable and hug-able. He is 7 weeks old now. I know everyone says it, but boy did our lives change overnight!

We knew this was going to happen and have sort of adapted to exist in this half sleep half awake mode but rest assured all the needs that this lovely little human has are being met and exceeded!;)

Also, funny thing about having a baby I realized is that even though he is only 7 weeks old, I have forgotten what life was like prior to this little stinker in our lives. Isn’t that strange?

–Ya, I also had him in my belly for 9+ months which is a topic for another post!–

I am half way through my maternity leave. Also, really grateful and glad to have my parents here for a few months to help take care of baby. Not sure how people do it without a good support system. I have this newfound respect for single mothers. Raising a child is a very tough job.

For now, I am excited to start and hopefully keep writing about this wonderful motherhood experience. This won’t be the only topic I will write about though. Check out some of my previous posts, I write about a wide range of topics.

WordPress writers Do you have a child (and/or an infant)?

If yes, what do you like most about parenthood? Also, what don’t you like about it?

If not, what do like or not like about babies?

Also, since I just recently gave birth, if you have any questions about my pregnancy or childbirth experience please feel free to ask. I am happy to answer them!

13 thoughts on “Oh baby! – I am back

Add yours

        1. For me the toughest part has been losing flexibility. It just means now I have to carefully plan every outing and remember to bring all that an infant would need while out.
          What about you? Do you have kids? What was the toughest part for you?


        2. Yes, I do 🙂 The toughest part is when you ask yourself every day whether what you do is actually good for your baby. You never know and you’re often struck by a feeling that you could have done something differently or better even if you’re already giving your best.


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