How to Focus on Self-Improvement? – Avoid these Top 5 Distractions

Have been thinking about mind clutter and productivity lately. They are inversely proportional to each other.

There are a lot of distractions that we face in our daily lives. So many things wanting our attention: advertisements, entertainment, youtube videos, to name some.

How much of that really truly helps us to be successful in our lives? How much of what we consume in the name of entertainment or news really helps us better our lives? Also, the negative news that we consume everyday in media (any media) , do we have the power to influence or change it?

Here are top 5 distractions that keeps our mind cluttered. When we reduced these distractions, it help us to keep our mind calm and have more time for personal development.

  1. Ignore catchy attention grabbers – Like click-bates, ignore headlines that are catchy that serve no value.
  2. Music you listen to – Any music. For example: Rap? How about lyrics – does it align with your goals? Be alert of what you are listening to.
  3. Avoid common opinions – Listen to yourself, reject opinions of others. Everyone is entitled to their own, but you can take control of your own mind.
  4. Following the news – Some people may not agree with this one, but it’s ok. It is a total time waster: we hear about murders, robbery, people that died around the world. Be aware but don’t let it affect you. Focus on what really matters to you the most. Can you really affect what’s happening? You can only change your own actions, in my opinion.
  5. Watching sports – Yes, it may be entertaining to some, but, the only ones that they serve truly are the ones playing, making millions, and the ones who own the teams, making billions. Unless you are the one playing the sport, or you are actively learning from it, or you are actually on TV, there is no real value in watching it. Memorizing the names of the players or stats or who won or lost makes no real difference to you in life in terms of working on self-improvement. Does it? Think about it..!

Doesn’t it make sense to take back all the time you lose with the distractions I wrote about above and put that time and attention into self-improvement and making yourself successful?

For Instance, people complain about having not enough time to work out, but somehow manage to watch a couple hours TV everyday in the name of relaxation. It is important to relax but do it as a reward for short period of time after you have done something productive for yourself.

So, What do you think dear readers?

What are some of the distractions you want to cut down on in your daily life?

What are some things you want to do to make self-improvements?

Let’s discuss in the comments below.

As Always,

Stay curious & Have a Peaceful Day!

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35 thoughts on “How to Focus on Self-Improvement? – Avoid these Top 5 Distractions

Add yours

  1. Used to be ads that made me ill, now I’m finding that the news, propogandic excementative splurge, to be sickening. I start to feel phsucially I’ll watching it, I’m becoming allergic, almost as allergic as I am to those who build opinions identical to what they’ve heard on the news….

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    1. Yes, agreed. It is hard to find non-partisan or unbiased news these days. Plus, most of it is bad news which plays with our minds and builds negativity. Focusing on self improvement seems more productive. What do you do with your time instead?:)

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  2. A great observation regarding the lyrics. I pay attention to both – the beat of a song, and the lyrics. They should be the perfect combo.
    Every now and then I take news breaks. It just makes me angry. Same with sports. It shifts my focus onto something that doesn’t directly affect me, but it directly affects my mood/ reaction.

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  3. My daily distractions include TV, social media and my social circle(being very large). Usually, I am not able to focus on one main work. I easily get attracted towards everything new I see, may it be an ad, a new plant or similar or a friendly person. I am trying to overcome it and I am consistently working upon this.

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  4. Good stuff – I often think about these very things. I am actually working on a post aligning with how technology has altered my mental health – this post has motivated me to keep working on it.

    I agree with all your points except the Sports watching. My wife and I are huge sports fans and that is pretty much all we watch “regularly”. We get a lot of relaxation and joy from keeping up with our sports teams. We are not the stat counting, name recalling, winning record reciting junkies that I have encountered, so I do see your point directing to “unhealthy” sports watching. I almost never watch the news – hate it and I think Trump is actually on to something with the whole “Fake News” thing.

    Great post

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    1. Thank you! I am glad you found this post helpful. These are some of the things I think about.

      I knew when posting, the sports one wouldnโ€™t be popular opinion =) It is relaxing for people and it seems like you are doing it right by not obsessing about it and taking it only for entertainment value. I have seen sport obsessed people, I just feel they are not gaining anything out of it..but that’s just my opinion.

      About Fake News, I stopped watching any Trump news, his alternative facts and mostly all news. Using all that time to focus on more productive self-improvements:)

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  5. I agree on some level with the distractions you named. I find even more than that are distractions in my own head, like memories that play on repeat or possible future scenarios… I have to really be aware of how my thoughts make me feel or else I can downward spiral fast and my energy will burn right out. So to help with that I try to make sure the entertainment I choose is inspiring in some way.

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  6. I completely agree with you that they’re all time wasters. I prefer to grab a book or to read articles which really contribute to my self-development. Nevertheless, I experience my from time to time short periods when I need to reset my mind with a serie or TV-show, but I don’t do it too often as it feels unproductive for me.

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  7. Wow, great points.
    Music always seems to be overlooked as a potential distraction.
    I’ve found play lists based on mood really help me stay focused.
    Nothing worse than being in the zone only to be pulled out by a song that you can’t help focusing on the lyrics.

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  8. I just found your blog and love this post. This is really relevant to my life recently, I want to focus on self-growth and improvement and not going day by day looking at social media and comparing myself to the life of others. I want every day to have a challenge that ultimately leads to growth.

    I also liked your point of ignoring popular opinions, because they aren’t always accurate or right necessarily.

    Thank you! xo

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    1. Thank you! I am glad you found it useful.

      We have so many distractions to chose from these days, it is easy to get lost in it.

      I made myself stop posting on social media back in December of 2017. I only use the messenger and for events. I have found so much more time to read, blog, yoga etc.

      Popular opinions are just that, popular, not fact based or logical. Do your own research and form your own opinions right?:)

      Feel free to check out more of my posts. If you liked this, you may like the post โ€œWhat would you do for free?โ€:)


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