“Focus on things you want to see grow.” – My Quote

This will be a short post but wanted to give you all some food for thought.

Blogging: Want more followers? Start reading more posts about things that interest you and follow/comment on their posts. Write posts that you are excited about and you will get more followers and your stats will grow.

Wealth – Want to build your wealth? Put your mind into what other sources of income you can generate besides your job and watch where your expenses are. This is a topic for another post. But if you focus on it, and take the right steps, it will grow.

Plants – Interested in gardening? Research and make sure you know what plants grow well in what environment and give it the right fertilizer, water, soil and temperature it needs. Watch it grow.

All of these things takes time, patience, perseverance and of-course, FOCUS. It also needs your time and dedication and most importantly your focus.

What do you want to see grow in your life?

Are you focusing on it enough?

Have you made something happen just because you were so focused on making it happen?

It would make for some great Monday Motivation for all of us. Would love to see your stories in the comment below.

P.S: The featured image above is of a butterfly. It was actually the size of my two hands put together & also, I love butterflies. For me they represent freedom, vibrant colors and imagination.

As Always,

Have a peaceful day & Stay Curious!

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  1. Lovely advice! I’ve found that if you’re totally comfortable with whatever niche your blog fits into and what YOU yourself want from it, then it makes things a whole lot easier and less stressful to worry about. Either people will like what you publish and enjoy reading new posts, or they don’t and won’t. Whatever you publish, if you’re genuinely passionate about it then it shines through in the content, and so many readers will appreciate that enthusiasm for a subject you love. Keep it up! ❤

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      1. Totally agree with you! For me, it’s trying to portray that self-belief better to others (e.g. I’m currently employed while job-hunting for better prospects elsewhere) and trying to really sell your skills effectively and that confidence in your own abilities for potential employers.

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  2. I do agree with this.
    Personally, I have spend a lot of times on things I didn’t really like or felt important or good to me, e.g. colleagues to like me, strict diets or trying way too hard to avoid certain people.
    It takes a lot from your energy level and you don’t have the patience to do the things that are actually worth it.

    My biggest focus currently is the move to Denmark.
    There are many things to do, but I think I just going to have to break it down and take it step by step!

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      1. Hey!
        I think what helped me the most is to focus on the “bigger picture”.
        So where do I want to be in let’s say 5 years.
        Maybe I want to lose sime weight. Do I need a strict diet? No, if I eat just a bit healthier, I will easily be at my target weight in 5 years.
        Will these colleagues be in my life 5 years. Most likely not.
        Will I be in the same house in 5 years? Nah. Do I need to buy fancy furniture now? Nope.
        I hope this can help other! So far it helped me a lot 🙂

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  3. Hi! Love this post. You definitely ask the right questions! For me, it will start with organising myself better so I can grow in all the areas I want to focus on. So as off today, I’m starting a weekly planner with allocated times on each subject I have to, want to and would like to do/achieve. So for example, work, sport, time for blogging, time to read … Let’s see how it will go.

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    1. Hello! Welcome to my site! =)
      I too believe it all starts with yourself.
      So glad you are starting on work on it with focus and a plan!
      I started this blog with exactly this intention of getting people motivated to start something new and go after those goals with a plan!


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