How messy are you?

On the topic of being messy, how messy are you?  Do you like things neat and spotless all the time?

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For me, I like to think of it as … Organized Chaos!

Organized Chaos

I know where to find things in the midst of chaos, except for my work badge, that I can’t keep at one spot. Somehow I manage to keep my purse, car keys and work bag and the same location, but work badge, I am constantly on the hunt for it every morning!

My husband and I are both work full-time. By the time we get back from work, on weekdays, we mostly don’t have the energy to clean up the mess.

Most days, our kitchen is a mess. We usually just take some time on the weekend to clean it up. Then bam, Monday rolls around, Tuesday piles up, Wednesday we try to clean a bit, maybe half of it and then Friday comes around we usually go out and eat! =P

Also, the other thing I sort of understand, but not really, is making the bed. I did have this mentality of “If I made my bed, that is one thing I completed this morning.” Yes, that lasted for about a week.  Why do we keep doing that everyday? We are just going to mess it up and repeat the whole cycle everyday?

Picture Credit: A messy college students bedroom cartoon

OK, I like my bed all made occasionally, but everyday feels like a lot of work. Over the course of let’s say 365 days, suppose it 5 minutes each day, you have spent a little over 30 hours a year making your bed? LOL. Do you still want to keep making it? 😀

Another thing for me is my closet, and organizing clothes. I also do that just once a week.

I mostly buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed, hang up the going-out or work-clothes right after. It is mostly about saving time. The T-shirts and stuff, I roll them and usually don’t fold them right away.

I do however like my living room clean and my home-office =) Hey, I got my priorities!

This is all to save time to do what is more important to me, sometimes it is relaxing after a long day of work, going on a walk, reading, talking to a friend or family, writing posts on Word Press. If I obsess about keeping everything clean all the time, I feel I would be too stressed out to enjoy the little things in life.

Also, the other day on the radio, I heard – people that are a little messy are more intelligent! They are using their time wisely doing what they like. I will chose to believe this for now! 🙂

How about you? How messy are you? Are you a bit messy? Very messy?

Do you like to clean things up right away?

Are you someone that manages to keep things clean all the time? How do you do it? How do you prioritize?

POLL QUESTION: On a Scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the least messy and 5 being the most. How would you rate yourself?

Feel free to write in the judgement free comment section below. Mess away! =)

As Always,

Stay Curious and Have a Peaceful Day!

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48 thoughts on “How messy are you?

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  1. For me, I try to live a mess-free life. I groom myself regularly, but let’s be honest. I am VERY fluffy and there is not much my human can do to control the fur that is left around the house. There is not enough time in the day for my human to keep it spotless!

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  2. There are way too many variables to play into a definite rating though. Like you mention, some times the energy or time just isn’t there. Sometimes the will power isn’t there, and sometimes I’m so inspired I go overboard with the cleaning. It’s very… maybe sometimes I’m down near 1-3 and other times I’m up near 8-10.

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  3. For years I have had that same mindset about making the bed – now if I go a day with out making the bed It does not feel comfortable getting in it at night. The dishes get done as soon as we are done using them and the counters and stove get wiped down as well. When I take clothes out of the dryer I put them on the bed to force myself to fold them sometime before I go to bed. This works unless my husband grabs them and throws them on a chair and says “leave them ’til tomorrow”. LOL! We use to vacuum daily when there were more of us living in the house but with the kids all out on their own I now only do it every 2 or 3 days. Many of these habits are a result of raising kids and modeling what I expected from them. There are definitely some messy spots – storage rooms and closets that always seem to need to be organized. Oh and I guess I should mention that I HATE DUSTING! That is the thing that gets done the least. Over all on the messy scale I would say we are a 3.

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    1. You are so disciplined Ruth! That’s amazing!! I knew there would be some people I would come across that like to clean right after! 😊

      I wish I had the energy, willingness and motivation to do as you do. But sadly, I don’t😕 I guess I will have to make-do with my quasi-messy self😉

      And you set a very good example for your kids!👍🏼🙌🏼😊

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  4. I try to clean things up right away, more often than not however I just put it off till im up to it… take the dishes for instance… I try to do them while im cooking that doesn’t always work out. then after the meal there is a pile of dishes that I just stare and like…nahhhh… im not ready yet… I’d say I was like a 3…

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  5. My living environment always looked messy to outsiders (parents, eh…), but it was my creative genius. I knew where what was.
    However, as a grown up, I realized that if I don’t do certain things on a regular basis, I will be stuck with a lot more once I actually HAVE to do it. So I TRY to keep things organized as I go. But that depends on how tired/ energetic I am after work. I really don’t like having to do a million different things (and not have time to rest properly) on the weekend. So I sacrifice and try and do the simple clean ups as I go. It feels a little less annoying when I do the work during the week, instead of the weekend.
    I never made my bed. What’s the point? But my partner doesn’t mind doing it, so more power to them.

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    1. The first sentence is how it was for me (especially my mom) , you are good at articulating as always =)
      Yes, most of it depends on what mood you are in after work and how much energy you have, isn’t it? Also, exactly! I never got the point of making the bed every single day! sometimes, yes, everyday? that means at least 30 hours of your life! 😀

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  6. Hmm…I’m not really sure how to rate myself. I prefer things to stay super cleaned and organized. However I am a human and that is not always how things are. I could call it organized chaos when this happens, but I prefer to refer to it as my “inner genius” shining through.

    There have been studies that state geniuses have a hard time keeping tidy. So when my perfectly clean turns to perfectly organized chaos, it’s really just my “inner genius” shining through. …at least this is the fib I tell myself.

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  7. How about you? How messy are you? Are you a bit messy? Very messy?
    I am a bit messy I am well and truly with you ORGANISED CHAOS!! I know where everything is even if no one else does.

    Do you like to clean things up right away?
    I can never be bothered cleaning things up straight away but I always regret not doing it straight away when it comes to cleaning it up later.

    POLL QUESTION: On a Scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the least messy and 5 being the most. How would you rate yourself?
    probably a 5 if you ask my mother, but i’d say probably a 4 but you know its not dirty or anything its just a bit messy I’ll clean if I am having company.

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    1. I can be pretty messy, specially kitchen and my closet, other parts of the house, I generally keep clean =) So, I would rate myself between a 3-4.

      I should clean things up right away, that would make it easier for later but no, I like to wait till the weekend and do it all at once which pretty much feels like moving a mountain 😛

      I am pretty sure my mother would rate me a 5 too.. but I am between 3-4, a whole ranking better ! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  8. I am never messy. I like coming home after work knowing that everything is where it should.
    A clean kitchen means I can immediately start cooking.
    And nothing is better than a nicely made bed to get in when you’re tired!

    I don’t mind cleaning and tidying up either 😉

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    1. Ha ha, I had a feeling this would be you! 🙂

      You are so totally right about the clean kitchen and I am so totally not that person 😀 I can’t do it, I put it off until it feels like a mountain of work to do then I make myself do it in the weekend.

      Good job though, you are truly organized. How do you get the motivation of tidying things up when you know its just gonna get messy again and again ? 🙂


      1. Ha yeah. If one thing is typical me, it’s definitely that.

        My parents were always very clean and I used to help them. I guess it became a routine. Usually if I see a spot or dust somewhere, I clean it immediately. Or when I grab a book from the shelf, I make sure I put it back where it belongs.
        In that way, work doesn’t pile up.

        I think if you get yourself to such a routine, you will never have to large cleaning activities!
        And also divide the task with your partner!
        I made very clear that I hated doing laundry and throwing away trash. He doesn’t like it either, but anything is better to him than cleaning the entire house 😉


  9. I’m with you. Work takes over and we tend to be a little untidy during the week. My wife and I both work in public service with lots of stress and cleaning regularly has become quite the task. I am better at making time for it but I still don’t do as good as I should. Laundry – ughh, I loathe laundry. However, give me three or four loads of laundry over mowing the grass any day. I used to love being outside mowing grass and taking care of the yard but now I hate doing that more than just about any chore we have. What is happening to us ????

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    1. Are we just getting busier and busier in our lives that we stopped taking time out to enjoy being outdoors?
      Do we take pride in being so busy all the time?
      I feel we need to make time and plan it so we have some time to just be sometimes. Cleaning can be therapeutic if we don’t look at it like a chore. I feel living in a clean and tidy spaces keeps us calm!=)

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  10. I’m about a 2. I like things tidy! The kitchen is cleaned right after dinner. The bathroom is clean and everything has a drawer. Laundry is folded immediately and put away.

    I know … I sound like a neat freak but for me …my mind can think better if everything has its place and is organized. If everything is a mess then I’m a mess!

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    1. Sounds amazing actually! Wish I was a 2, but I’m not. 😁

      And you don’t sound like a neat freak, seems like you just like things in order. It makes a huge difference sometimes when your environment is not messy.


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