“You will see it, when you believe it”

“People that say you can’t do something, are actually the ones that can’t do the said thing.” – My quote

Sometimes people reflect their own perception of what they can or can’t do onto you. I have always been someone who believed, what others thought of you is none of your business.

People are entitled to their own opinion. Their choice!

Doesn’t really mean you have to agree with what or how they think of you. Your prerogative!

Be good and do good things for others and keep a clear conscience.

What matters is what you think of yourself. What you think is possible for you, will be possible if you make it happen.

Keeping at something consistently has been something that has been really difficult for me. Mainly, because of my multi-potentialite personality. If you want to know more about what that means check out my post here.

This time, I am really trying to stick to blogging because it is one of my many passions. This one I plan on keeping. Operative term being ‘plan’. I plan on continuing to do this, because I love creative writing and I think I can.

It really doesn’t matter if other people think you can’t. If YOU think you can,  then you really can. If you think you can’t then you can’t. Both will be true depending on how you perceive your capabilities internally.

Also, there is another saying that I partially disagree with “I will believe it when I see it.”

I chose to follow more along the lines of ” I will see it when I believe it.”

When you start believing in something, it starts to materialize. So, if there is something you have been wanting to see come to fruition and completed, believe it it and put in your best work and surely, you will try to see it.

When I started this blog last year December 2017, I never expected to have 350+ followers reading my posts, liking it or discussing it in the comments. It has been 8 months, I have had my shinning moments with great blogging topics, one of my favorites and readers favorite has been “What would you do for FREE?” and some lows with not many posts some of the months. I have decided to continue doing this, and I believe I can come up with good content, so I can now see posts materializing.

What are some of the obstacles and hurdles that you faced while blogging?

How do you react to other people telling you you can’t do something?

What keeps you motivated to keep writing and blogging? Do you find it hard to be consistently write posts?

24 thoughts on ““You will see it, when you believe it”

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  1. Quite an interesting quote of yours (the 1st one). I stopped to think about what my version would be. From experience, it seems like yours applies to me as well. However, what also rings true is: ““People that say you can’t do something, are actually the ones that don’t want you to do said thing.” They are afraid of your success. Threatened.

    The I’ll believe it when I see it never worked for me, because I consider myself a spiritual person, therefore belief is at the core of my being. Of course, that does not mean I’m gullible, but things that cannot be easily seen are not something I discredit.

    Blogging is a funny beast. You might have inspired a potential post – “hurdles of blogging”… I;ll have to think about that.

    Other people can say what they want. I hear them, but I do “me”.

    It’s definitely not easy to remain consistent 100% of the time. In goes in waves (for me). But like you, I want to “stick with it”, so here we are…

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    1. Thank you! I like your version of the quote too and it applies to me as well.

      Interesting take on the “I’ll believe it when I see it”. It has never really worked for me as well, there are lots of things beyond what we can see. I like the “I will see it, when I believe it” version better.

      I will be looking forward to your “hurdles of blogging” post because I am obviously curious to know what your hurdles are.

      You seem to have a system down with your daily posts, each day dedicated to a certain idea. I just can’t seem to get myself a routine like that..

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  2. When I was growing up my mom use to say “If you want Ruth to do something tell her she can’t.” HaHa! I guess maybe I was a bit of a rebel but I also took that as a complement.
    I also am in at a point in my life where I really don’t care what other people say or think about me. Very few people really know me so most people don’t have much to base their opinions on.
    My blog is a hobby and somewhat of a journal so it often takes a backseat to what needs to be done. I do intend to keep blogging though.

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  3. I think the only obsticle for regular blogging could become “time” at one point.
    Now that the job is quiet, I can spend 70% of the day on the blog!

    As for topics, it’s actually not that hard.
    The “common topics” will attract readers: blogging, money, travel, relationship, future plans, how to’s, work life balance, anxieties.

    Of course you must have an own opinion or experience with it, but it’s so common that you probably have 🙂

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    1. Yes, it’s starting to come back to me again. There was a period of time because of the traffic and views, I felt like the frequency of my posts went down along with motivation.

      But, I reminded myself, I write because I enjoy it and I will find other ways to make the blog and readership grow. If the topics are fun and relevant, the readers will follow (pun intended😁)

      *Also, sidenote: I had just finished commenting on your new post when I saw this pop up. Just wrote another one “why are you afraid to ask” which I somehow feel you will relate to as well!


  4. Hey! I found you on Goldie’s blog.
    This is an inspiring post. I think I don’t care about people who tell me I can’t do it. I know what I can do and what I’d want to do. Infact, I believe that if you have that spark in yourself that you want to do it, then you can do it. I think this would be my quote. I remember there was something that my father believed I could do. And I gave it a try, just for. I gave it my everything but even all of that couldn’t raise a spark in me to achieve it. And that’s when I realised, I had the potential to do it but my interests didn’t lie there and thus, there was no spark.

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    1. Thank you! That is an interesting point because, I also think that when you are actually interested in something and have the spark and genuine interest, you can make anything happen, if you tell yourself you can and you will.

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    1. We can do what we believe is right for us. People that truly want what’s best for us should support our goals anyway. Don’t you think? Those who don’t think you can do something, probably are the ones who can’t do what you can. If that makes sense:)


      1. Yes, I believe these people should support us, but sometimes people don’t understand what we’re doing. One of my readers told me sometimes they stop us because they care and are afraid we could embarass ourselves. I believe people who love us should support us if something makes us happy.

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