~People you don’t like, guess what..?~

I have been thinking about this a while. This is something that came up during an emotional intelligence course I was taking through work. I had to get my coworkers and manager evaluate me. This was pretty dreadful but somehow I ended up getting rated the highest on ‘relationship management’ which was surprising to me as well. Anyway, that was just a little backstory to what led me to this topic.

I thought it would be fun to explore this topic a bit further.

So, back to the original question, I posed above:

“People you don’t like, guess what..?”

The people that you don’t like. The way you behave around them, the way you act unconsciously, subtle facial expression or gestures, no matter how hard you try to hide your feelings – they KNOW!

And guess what? They actually don’t like you back either. Unless you are oblivious to this, you will somehow know or get a vibe that says ..”that person doesn’t like you” and  you end up not liking them back either.

Somehow it is mutual! You can try to get this person to like you or change their mind, and it is not impossible, but unless that person is really important to you, please don’t waste your energy on getting people to like you. People that like you and love you and ARE already part of your life will make every effort to be in your life.

For me, I would say, appreciate the ones that are in your life, cherish them.

Stay away from people that are negative and already don’t like you (as much as you can). I understand at work sometimes you have to work with people you don’t like and that’s when you use professionalism 🙂

Remember, what people think of you shouldn’t be any of your business. It is generally a reflection of what they are. I talked about this in my post Three Quotes Tuesday # 1 – Update  as well.  One of the quotes was “I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”

I think my answer to the question would be:

“People you don’t like, guess what ..they don’t like you either?”

Have you ever thought about this? Do you care about getting people to like you?

Have you had this gut feeling where you knew someone didn’t like you?

Do you try and get them to like you?

What do you usually do when you know people don’t like you?

~~Let’s discuss in the comments below.~~

As Always,

Stay curious & Have a Peaceful Day!

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23 thoughts on “~People you don’t like, guess what..?~

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  1. Recently I heard: “See? I told you people can tell when you are upset with them/ don’t like them.” I was surprised to hear that. Not because I was surprised to find out that they knew (obvious!), but because someone thought I actually try to hide my feelings towards others. I am rather obvious about it if I don’t like you. Fake is not something I like to be. Of course, I will be professional and do my job, but that’s about it.

    Yes, I know if others are not a fan of mine. When I think they are mistaken, I try to explain and hash things out. Otherwise, I do not care. I don’t need YOUR validation. I can do it on MY own.

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    1. The first paragraph is exactly why we have the same brain sometimes, totally agree! I will be professional and get the job done, regardless of if I like you or of they like me or not. Generally, i try to be pleasant so working with people is easier.. but don’t really go out of my way at all.
      I love your attitude in the last sentence!! 😊👍🏼👍🏼

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  2. I do want people to like me at work.
    Working with people you don’t get along with is practically impossible.
    So yeah, sometimes I fake laugh at their stupid jokes. Or help them immediately when they ask.

    As for social events, I have been trying to avoid them lately a lot.
    I don’t even want to find who likes or doesn’t like me!

    Very interesting post!

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    1. I see where you are coming from. Yes, when people like you, it is easier to get work done with them.
      I am not generally very chatty at work, except for a few people outside of my team that I am close with. I try to be nice to everyone but I won’t fake it if I don’t like them. I generally just stay on professional terms

      That’s nice of you to help them when they ask immediately. I used to do that, but soon learned that is a great way to not get my own stuff done. I tell them, i will get to it by xyz time or day!

      Why have you been avoiding social events lately? Busy with the big move?


  3. Recently, owing to some issues at work, people have stopped talking to me. For quite a long time, I didn’t treat them any differently. However, having taken the hint, I stopped bothering to talk to them either. You can only go around being snubbed after saying “good morning” so many times.

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    1. I love it! You tried to be the bigger person, but once you learned they aren’t gonna change, you let it go!

      Sometimes, it is just not worth the energy and it’s ok to let it go, i once heard from someone “once you feel ignored, stop bothering people” they are not worth your time! 😊👍🏼

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  4. When I notice people don’t like me, I try evaluating myself to see if there’s something wrong with me, like if I have a bad habit or something.

    If it’s because I have a bad habit, I would adjust myself to become better not so they can like me, but just so I become a better person.

    But if I discover they don’t like me because of irrelevant reasons, I do not care. I simply mind my own business and hope they keep minding theirs.

    This is a great post. It’s thought-provoking.

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    1. That is a great step by step approach. I think I will start doing this as well. Specially about examining yourself to check if you have any bad habits.

      Ya, I do the same, I keep minding my own business when I sense it is not anything I did.

      Thanks ! =) I am glad this post made you think, that is my intention with every post & love engaging with readers on what they think .

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  5. Wow! Your post really made me thinking about people I don’t like and who don’t like me. It’s so obvious they KNOW and it’s so silly we believe they DON’T. You’re right we should care only about people who are already part of our life. It’s pointless to care for people we actually don’t want in our life.

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    1. Thank you. I am glad this post is doing what I intended it to because people spend a lot of time worrying about why people don’t like you instead of focusing on people that do.

      Obinna, above, brought up a good point though, evaluating if there is something I can improve for myself.

      I also agree with you it is pointless to care for people we don’t even want in our lives!


        1. Yep, no reason, in personal life.

          I feel sometimes at work, it is easier to work with people that we like, if not we can just be professional and keep it work focused.


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