Why are you still waiting?

Are you waiting for someone to come fix your life?

Are you waiting for someone to come and solve all your problems?

Are you waiting for someone to help point you in the direction of where you need to go?

My friends, you will be waiting a long while!

You are in charge of making your life better.

You are responsible for your life.

You are also responsible for your own actions. No one can ”make you” do something unless you give them the permission to.

If something bad happened to you, and I know depending on circumstances, it may or may not be easy for some people, accept this thing happened to you, be sad for a while because it’s okay. Then.. Let. It. Go!

If not you then who else? Everyone is busy with their own lives.

If you keep waiting for someone to tell you what to do, regardless of how close you are to them, they will and it’s human nature, will think about how it affects them first. Think about it! Even if it is in the most loving caring way. It’s true.

You have to be in the driver seat of your own life. Or you will end up being a passenger being driven around by someone else, where you don’t have a say.

Unless you are okay with that, do everything you can to be the ‘somebody’ that you are waiting for with some pixie dust and magically change your life!

Take responsibility for your own life and please stop waiting. Get up and go! Don’t be a sad Panda! =)

So, Are you waiting? What are you waiting for? What are your thoughts on this? Let’s discuss!

As Always,

Stay Curious and Have a Peaceful Day!

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