~ Growth ~ What’s luck?

Hello dear readers, Feeling a bit philosophical today. You wouldn’t mind indulging in philosophy for a little bit, would you? 🙂

We are growing each day no matter what. Whether we like it or not, it is happening physically and mentally. To aim to achieve one’s full potential is a different type of growth. One which we all strive towards. It’s the journey in between from the time we realize how we want to grow till how we get there is where the growth happens.

This post somewhat makes me think of a ‘word prompt’ post from the daily post, but it isn’t. Would fit in the ‘Growth’ category pretty well, right?

The quote below is one of my all time favorites. A seed germinates, it’s insides come out and it goes through a complete transformation and all of its insides come out before it can achieve it’s greatest expression. Let’s say a flower! Who doesn’t like that?


People see all these success stories but don’t think about how difficult it must have been to get to that point.

My thought process – I don’t believe in luck. I believe in hard (read smart) work which results in improving your chances of happening upon good opportunities, which then, taken at the right time, becomes luck.

Disclaimer – Ok, I believe in luck, maybe a little, when it comes to winning a lottery! But that is about it!

Until you reach your rock bottom, your tough exterior – ego – cracks and you are desperate to change your situation, you will remain a seed. People who have suffered tremendous loss, or have undergone life altering situations are at that place, they have reached rock bottom, their shells have cracked, there is no where they can go from there but up to reach their full potential.

Think about ducks in a pond – they look calm and peaceful above water, but under the water, they are peddling like their life depends on it! That’s the story with most people who are successful be it Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or <Insert names of any successful (career-wise) people.>

To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would indeed look to them as if their world is crumbling and wallow in despair. The quote above perfectly summarizes growth. To reach the full expression of yourself, you must first let your insides out (metaphorically), let go of all your ego and let yourself Grow!

As Always,

Stay Curious & Have a Peaceful day!

20 thoughts on “~ Growth ~ What’s luck?

Add yours

        1. Nah, some people are born into money. They get cushy positions from their family. Some are just in the right place at the right time.
          But I guess you’re right, it might also be depending on the perspective. I bet I do look lucky to some people that are worse off than me.

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        2. That’s true! And you are right, some people are born into money and get cushy jobs. Knowing some of those people, they definitely have other problems..
          I made my way through with my own blood, sweat and tears like you but we must look lucky to other people who are worse off. All relative!😊

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!! I had an uncle tell me “if you’re hungry you can open your window and hope a pizza flies in, or you can work hard, earn some money, and buy your pizza. It’s not likely a pizza will fly through your window.”

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