How to communicate effectively? – Pick a Color!

Rescheduled post: Originally published on April 12th, 2018.

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while and today is the day! A warm welcome to the new bloggers on my site!:)  Ok, back to the topic of this post: there are regular training sessions offered to employees in the company that I work for.  There are some people, you may know them, have their way with people. They have people skills! Some people came to mind?

There was this training called ‘Insights’ that I had at work with a group of professionals that I find has helped me work effectively with others. I would like to share it with you, maybe it will help you resolve communication issues, or a barrier, or even delegate some tasks?  This is mostly for a professional work environment but I am sure this is a transferable skill in any area of your life.

Most people want to be helpful, they want to learn and they want to do better. Note, I said ‘most’ people not all….some people popped up in your head?! Yah, there will always be those that are negative and don’t want to help or learn. BUT, we will focus on the people that are helpful, want to learn and do better and that includes you (I will assume). I talked about Setbacks – How to overcome it in 3 simple steps? in my previous post, which you may find helpful as well.

There are all kinds of communication styles people prefer. You know how sometimes you can get frustrated with people, for example, you have no idea why they are giving you so many details and this huge background story when all you wanted was a simple answer of yes or no?  Also, there are some people who prefer to talk about their kids, family, dogs and the weekend before they get to the topic you are trying to discuss?  You may fall into any of these categories and this may be your style or not.

My point? : Use the communication style the other person prefers when working with them rather your own communication style. The meeting/conversation will be more effective and you will get more done! It will make more sense when you read on, I promise!:)

Now, let’s Pick A Color, shall we?  Following are the four colors that I learnt about. I will give you a very brief summary. It was an all day training, but I am hoping this will give you a gist of it.


1. RED: Be bright, Be brief, Be gone

People in this category mostly just want quick, to the point conversations/answers. They want quick answers and won’t care for the long elaborate details on how you got to the conclusion. Just give them direct answers and don’t linger around. In general, be brief and they will love working with you.

2. BLUE: Give me details

People in this category want details! They want to know how to got to this conclusion. They want to know where the data came from and how you came to that decision, result. They want to know the process. Give them all the details and data and they will enjoy working with you.

3. GREEN: Show me you care

People in this category want to know that you care about them.  Ask them about their day, their weekend, their family, their pet. Start off the conversation there and be genuinely interested. This will show them that you care and they will be great to work/communicate with.

4. YELLOW: Involve me

People in this category love to be involved. They like to be a part of something. Share some projects you are working on, share some exciting news about yourself, introduce them to some people they may not know. They love being a part of something and feeling involved. This will show them that you are helping them feel like a part of something and it will be easy to work/communicate with them.

Wouldn’t you enjoy it if people knew your communication style and used that? You would appreciate them more and want to help them more for really knowing and understanding you right? Now, put yourself in other person’s shoes. See what I mean?

Now, I have 3 simple questions for you and I would love to know the answers in the comment below:

  • What is your primary color? 
  • Pick 3 people you interact with daily, what color do you think they are?
  • How would you organize the colors by your personality? For example: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

I have been using this skill everyday and find that it works to: 1. develop better relationships with people around you and 2. gets things done efficiently and effectively.

What is YOUR color? Enter in the comments! 🙂

As Always,

Stay Curious & Have a peaceful day!

60 thoughts on “How to communicate effectively? – Pick a Color!

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    1. Thanks for sharing Ruthsoaper! I am curious to find out what color my fellow bloggers and readers are, so had a lot of fun writing this post. I use it mostly at work, helps get work done faster!:)

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      1. How do you think this should be applied to blogging? With a wide variety of readers is it best to include some of each? I think I generally write blue the edit to be more red, and I try to add a bit of yellow. Would love your thought on this.

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        1. I am usually mostly red and a little yellow at work but different at home and with friends. When it comes to blogging I think you will see some of my posts are red, green, blue and yellow. I think that while writing, bloggers have their own unique voice that works for them. So, I would say keep being your authentic self because you are expressing yourself.:)

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  1. While red, blue and yellow are used by me in some situations, red has got to be my primary color. The yellow and blue are mainly when I don’t understand something and/ or I’d like to learn more. Otherwise, keep it brief.

    I’m glad you linked to your previous post, because I somehow missed it, so off I go to read it now.
    Also, I caught the first draft of this post yesterday and could read it in the Reader format, but not on your site. Was wondering what that was about, but now I understand.

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    1. Interesting, I like how you organized the color according to your personality. Thank you for always posting thoughtful responses to my posts. I am for the most part a strong red with a little bit of yellow at work. Sometimes blue depending on the situation. Although, being an engineer, I have to be blue while doing my work.

      The intent of this post was to help my fellow readers get their work done effectively by using the other’s communication style. Were you able to identify what colors your colleagues were?:)

      And, I am off to read your comment on the setbacks post!:D

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      1. I enjoy reading your posts, so I can’t help, but comment.

        I used to have a green co-worker. It was the worst. I would come into work, see that person, and was exhausted after the first 5 mins. And then I had to spend 8 more hours with them. I’d understand more if we were close friends, but co-workers who were forced to work together is a different relationship.

        Right now it’s mostly a mixture of red and blue. The want a quick question/ answer, but once they hear the question, they do want the back story sometimes, too. I do assess which requires which approach. It does make things easier.

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        1. Aw..Thank you! 🙂

          It can frustrating to have a coworker that has a completely opposite personality type than you especially when they are not a close friend. But, then I think of it as, we HAVE to work together and get XYZ done. It will be more pleasant if we got along better…

          I have this lego block displayed at my cube which is what the training intended to do, so most people come in and get me my answer, and don’t linger around too much. But, the weird thing is I can be pretty chatty outside of the work environment.:)

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        2. I really like that you could keep your blocks and display it.
          When it comes to the working environment I am very professional, meaning I get things done regardless of the fact of what I think of the other people. But not everyone can do that. I realize it.
          And yes, if I like you enough to see you outside of work, we can talk.


  2. I think I would go with the Yellow one as I love to discover new things and get myself involved.
    When I am in a hurry or not in a mood to do something I would prefer reaching to conclusions as soon as possible, that is the red one.
    When a topic looks too interesting or when I m not able to understand that topic at that time I would prefer details, the blue one.
    And at last comes the green one.

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  3. I am primarily yellow. I want to get involved and want to know what other people are working on and the challenges and successes that they have with the projects. Unfortunately I work with bunch of people who are primarily green and the working relationship with each of them is very unilateral and frustrating. I try to match my working style to that of the individual so that I can understand his/her work personality. However, when I see that this interaction is not reciprocated after many months, then I no longer want to go out of my way to talk that person.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Carmen! That must be mentally exhausting to work with people that are so tunnel visioned and focused on themselves. I know that you are good at asking great questions and have an amazing ability to connect with people, maybe that is part of why they share so much with you?:)


  4. That is a great tool to use! It is very similar to a program my workplace uses called Emergentics which basically categorizes problem solving methods to colors/types – abstract, social, analytical, or structural – yellow, red, green, or blue. It is very interesting to see the different professional tools available to help communication! For your Insights, I would say I am most likely Blue or Yellow. I want to know all about what led to decisions but also want to be involved. It would be difficult to pick between the two as my response is situational. If a decision has been made, Blue. If it is in progress, yellow.

    Thanks for a great post with lots of interesting information!!

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    1. Yes, There are so many personality tools that companies use. Have you heard of Myers Briggs? The one you described, Emergenctics, is interesting! I will look it up.

      Thank you for sharing your colors. I like learning about different personalities and how they think. & You are welcome! I enjoy writing posts that provide some mental stimulation and things that make you think:) Give ‘What would you do for free’ post a read, you might enjoy that too and I would love to know your thoughts!:)

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      1. I have! I’m a little skeptical on the reliability of Meyer Briggs despite its popularity. Supposedly, your results should never change (according to the material I’ve been given) but the three times I’ve taken the assessment for college, work, and a leadership seminar I’ve gotten different results each time. I think if they didn’t claim the results should be the same I would be more interested in it but since every instructor or facilitator has said they should never change I’m hesitant. Still an extremely valuable tool for short term in my opinion but I question the quality of the information in terms of long term thinking patterns.

        I will definitely check out that post!!

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        1. That is true Myer Briggs changes every time I take it as well. I just find it beneficial for personal growth and understanding. At a workplace I found the insights training pretty helpful. They give us those lego bricks so we can display how we like to communicate.

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        2. That I agree with entirely! Even as a flexible tool, Meyers Briggs provides some very insightful information! That’s awesome you got bricks!!


    1. Ha ha! I like how you love and know who you are! I feel people can be too self-critical sometimes, so knowing and accepting self is great!☀️😊
      I’m pretty red at work and sometimes blue because of my profession. What would be the order of your colors? I’m curious!

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      1. Not especially, I am who I am. It has helped me and hurt me. I’ve tried to fit in and have two different personalities at work and at home, too much work for me. I can understand though how people act in different environments and situations. It just seems too simple to just assign a color. I think so much would be lost trying, since we are all simply complex people.

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        1. Makes total sense! This is a very simplified and my version of the test. Of-course it changes depending on what you are feeling at the time.

          This was an actual all day class/training based on tests and reactions to various simulated situations . It is just a guideline for us at work to know what other people like. Some people like to be greeted first before we get to the point and some people just like to get to the point and just avoid the small talk.

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        2. Understand your skepticism but it isn’t education, simply a way to accommodate how people prefer to be communicated with.
          For me, a direct approach at work works much better because I can get things done a lot faster and not stay extra hours at work.
          Some people like to chat with coworkers during the day, and don’t mind staying late to finish their tasks. You know what I mean? It is to know other people’s preference.

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        3. I hear ya and I hope this isn’t coming across disrespectful. It just seems like a way to avoid confrontation and it could keep people from sharpening their people skills or soft skills if you will.

          What happens when two colors collide? Which color wins in that scenario. I can understand the idea of efficiency and avoiding confrontation, it just seems like a cop out to me.

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        1. The point of these colors weren’t to make people conform to anything. More that anything it was simply to know what other people preferred at work as their method of communication so I can accommodate their style.

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        2. Ha ha, there could be a lot of what if’s in any scenario, but, at work you have to work with people that you like or don’t like. I feel the color tool makes it a bit easier to work with people you don’t like, so you can get work done using their communication style.

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