Three Quotes Tuesday # 1 – Update

Update: After reviewing comments, seems like Quote 3 is the one people relate to the most this week. So, the feature image is now updated to this quote!

Today, feels like the day of quotes. I love reading them, even though they are just a bunch of words, they actually are inspiring and sometimes motivational. Stay tuned for a quick poll at the end of this post!

I picked three for you all today. These are quotes that I really enjoy reading, when I need a ‘pick-me-up’ on a gloomy rainy day. I love rain, just don’t enjoy the gloomy-ness that comes with it. I guess nothing is perfect, or is it? 

Quote 1: Absolutely agree with this one. Life is tough.  It isn’t a bed of roses, we all know that. But, you are tougher! Because, think of all the times you thought you were this close to giving up, but you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and kept going. You are tougher than you think you are!

Quote 2

Quote 2: This is another one that makes you think. People usually think they know you, they somewhat do, but what they know stems from their perceptions most of the time. I talked about in my post: “You will see it, when you believe it”  as well. What people think of you is what they actually are, not you.

Quote 1

Quote 3:  What is the point of constantly explaining yourself and stressing about what others will say or think about you, when they are going to do it either way? Like I mentioned before, they are only going to understand you from their perception of how things are. No need to take all of that stress and burden into your mind and soul, just keep being you. “You do you!” un-apologetically!

Quote 3


Which one of the quotes are you relating to the most today? Quote 1, Quote 2 or Quote 3? Let’s take a poll and find out in the comment below. Once, I see review the comments/poll, in the next few days, I will update this post with the quote that people related to the most.

Does it bother you when people think of you unfavorably?

Are are you one of the ones that couldn’t be bothered to care about what people think of you? 


As Always,

Stay Curious and Have a Peaceful Day!

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22 thoughts on “Three Quotes Tuesday # 1 – Update

Add yours

      1. I actually think that 2 and 3 are sort of connected. I have been in situations where someone’s opinion of me and my motives are simply shocking…and I couldn’t understand why they would think that I would ever do whatever it is they thought I did…and then I learned that it is because it is probably something that they would do …it was a great lesson to learn for me because it always hurt me when my motives were misunderstood then I realized that it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the other person…

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  1. #3 for sure. My own personal version of that is “Perception is reality”. It doesn’t bother me when people think unfavorably of me especially when I deserve it. Thoughts and actions are different though. People can think as unfavorably of me as they want to as long as they don’t wrongfully slander or defame me.

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  2. A definite no. 3 for me.

    I wish you posted the quotes BEFORE your explanations. I found myself scrolling past it to see the quote, and then scrolling back up to see your take on it.

    It depends on WHY people think of me unfavorably. If I think they are honestly mistaken, it bothers me, and I try to explain/ clear things up. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. If people think negatively of me because of something I said, or did, and I don’t think I did anything wrong – I don’t care. If I was in the wrong, I will apologize, trying to mend the fences. It is up to them to change their minds or not.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion, and makes sense! Will do that in the next post.

      Do we really know why people think of us unfavorably, unless we directly ask/confront them in case of a misunderstanding? I feel because of this, unless they come up to me and clarify, I would never know why. If I feel strongly enough about something, I will go and ask, if not, I move on…

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      1. When i have no idea, I usually do go and ask.
        Most of the time, if it’s someone I’ve known for more than a day, I’m able to see their mood shift and pinpoint it to my words/ actions. The power of observation with a pinch of psychology.

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  3. I also go for quote no. 3.
    It’s hard to explain why insults make me emotional than they should or why live life a certain way.

    But the few times someone tells me “I get you, you don’t have to explain” is very special to me. 🙂

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  4. # three fore sure. I usually don’t pay much attention to what people might think about me. They have not walked in my shoes. I also do not judge people harshly because I have not walked in their shoes.

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