Nothing lasts forever.

If you are going through a hard phase, it won’t last.

If you are experiencing a good and happy phase, that won’t last either. (That’s how life goes..)

Without going through hardships and a bad phase, you can’t appreciate the good and happy phase.

Good and bad, happy and sad are like two sides of a coin. You will always experience one or the other.

Like the picture of the tree above, goes through seasons, has its green bright leafy summer days, colorful autumn/spring colors, then it all fades away and withers, and the cycle continues. It goes through this cycle but throughout it all, it doesn’t stop growing.

Is there a middle way? Yes, it is Equanimity. Getting to an Equanimous state of mind is certainly difficult, but the best way to accept Impermanence without falling apart.

Thoughts? Let’s discuss.

What does this mean to you?

Have you thought about Impermanence?

How about Equanimity?

As Always,

Stay curious & Have a Peaceful Day!

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14 thoughts on “~Impermanence~

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    1. Thanks:) I used to do that before but I have shifted that mentality to enjoy what I have now, bc I know it won’t last. I guess I appreciate the happy times more now by staying present.
      Do you do that? Worry about whats coming next?

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