~Thursday Thought~

Hello friends, found this somewhere and think it is too good not to share.

“Being authentic isn’t about finding your true self: “Who am I?” It is about finding your aspirational self: “Who do I want to be be?” Authentic leadership is paying attention to the claims you make about yourself and then striving to become that person.” – Adam Grant

What do you think? What does authenticity mean to you?

As Always,

Have a peaceful day & Stay Curious!

6 thoughts on “~Thursday Thought~

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  1. The quote is a mixed bag for me. While I agree with the second part (authentic leadership), I do not agree with the first part. Portraying yourself as someone you want to be, is portraying yourself as someone you are not. That is not authentic.

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  2. I am not entirely sure about meaning of this.
    It’s basically being as genuine as you can be? Or be yourself?

    I am not sure who I am tbh. There’s different versions of me.
    Sometimes I even have to put a mask. For example when I have lunch with colleagues. I cannot bear the topics they’re discussing, but I do force myself laugh at their jokes.

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    1. Being yourself in all situations is difficult, like you said. You have to adapt yourself to the surrounding you are in.
      I think basically even if you adapt a little according to your situation, still remain true to your values and yourself.


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