Rescheduled post: Originally posted July 10, 2018

Dear Readers, I know it has been a while since I wrote, but I still think about the blogging world quite a bit and my wonderful readers that have still been liking and commenting on my posts. I just haven’t been able to write or maybe I was taking a break, so coming back with a refreshed mind and maybe fresh writing material? I will let you decide.

**A little shout-out: Just noticed I now have over 300 readers on my site. Thank you to the wonderful readers for following & a warm welcome. I am really excited to explore and read more of your posts!!**

So a lot of things have happened in the past month. My husband is slowly but surely recovering from his knee surgery and can now walk without limping and crutches!! Yayy!!. Our guests have left and we went on our much awaited Paris trip. Little backstory, I actually went to a language school and learned french about 5-6 years ago and got my level 1 certification. I have lost most of it, but I still remember few things.  I don’t know for what reason exactly, but I really love the French language with all its annoyances. Confused?, for example ‘h’ is usually silent in any word and objects have genders, you just have to know which object is male and which one is female, etc. It has its eccentricities but yet, I am still in love with the language and best way to learn more was to actually visit the country and immerse in its rich culture.

You have probably read all about its cobble stone streets, romantic walks by the river, cute little restaurants, wines and cheeses, way to many palaces and castles of the Kings and the Queen that famously said “If you don’t have bread, why don’t you eat cake.” something along those lines 😉 Yes, we did all of those things but that’s not what I will focus on in this piece. So today, I am going to write from a slightly different perspective about our visit and of course, I won’t leave out the pictures (=


We took this trip for our 5th/6th (long story short – got married to the same man twice :D) wedding anniversary. Best trip and good memories. We only stayed in Paris, which is how we planned it. There is just so much to do and so much to see, we couldn’t just pack it in a week. So, if you are planning on going make sure you have at least a week and a half so you can explore all the museums along with most of the touristy things – think Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, the Louvre. Each of these things actually can take almost a day. And the walking – we walked almost 6-7 miles everyday. For those of you that still remember I was having some sleep issues, with walking 6-7 miles a day, that kind of goes away. So note to self – ‘Walk more to sleep better’. But I digress…


Back to Paris, it was everything that I had imagined it to be and so much more. The romanticized version of Paris that we see in movies is nothing compared to what you see when you are in person. I was wow-ed, dazzled and completely enamored by the country, culture and the laid back attitude of the French people. The more I thought about it, since I loved the language to begin with, I realize French is a very polite language. They never start a conversation without a “Bonjour” – ‘Good-day’, and “Si’l vous plait” which means ‘Please’ and when they are leaving any place they make sure to address the person they are parting from saying ‘Au revoir” which means ‘Bye’. This is such a polite thing to do in my opinion.

Putting it in perspective, in the United States we are so accustomed to walking in to a store or an office and without addressing the person or saying Hi, sometimes we just jump straight into what we need from them. I have changed that now and make sure to say Hello before I ask for something whether it be a store or a cafe or anything. It is just a polite thing to do, isn’t it?  When we go to a restaurant for example we sometimes say – ‘Table for three or four..”, in the french language they say “Bonjour, une table pour trois personnes, si’l vous plait.” which translates to “Hello, one table for 3 people, please.” Doesn’t that sound much nicer? The point is, the niceties that we sometimes tend to forget in this fast pace world of the United States, it is still nice to be polite and it makes people on the receiving end happier and maybe in turn they start doing that themselves? Something to think about.

Anyway, I know I am not totally done with visiting Paris  and am definitely going back in the near future to explore more of this amazing, culturally and historically rich, romantic city. Also, if you were wondering – yes, we went for a wine tasting and tried 6 different types of wines and cheeses and they were all divine!

France : I will be back to explore more cities and I am certain I will.

Paris : Je n’ai pas encore fini avec toi!! [Translation – Paris : I am not done with you yet!]

~~Time to hear from you~~

In all my ramblings about Paris, their culture history and politeness, I wanted to ask you If you have been to Paris- How was your experience in Paris? What did you notice about the city and its people?

If you haven’t been there yet – What do you think about Paris? What is it that you want to see there the most?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below about the experience I had or your experiences and curiosity about the city in general.

As always,

Stay Curious & Have a Peaceful Day!

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  1. Welcome back! So glad you had a nice trip. I have never been to France but I was able to make an interesting connection through reading this. My husbands mother was from France. She moved to the US after marrying his father. One of my husbands biggest pet peeves had always been when people do not give a proper greeting i.e. walking into a business and the employee does not say hello and especially when my kids were growing up if they would walk into a room and not say hello or good morning. I now understand that not only is it about being polite and respectful, it is a cultural thing and the way he was raised. :).

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    1. Yes, makes sense right? I am on board with that culture, it is politeness and we need that in this country specially considering all the unrest and divisive nature of politics lately. Taking best out of all cultures is one of my intentions when I travel to all these beautiful new places!m.

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  2. I actually visited your blog the other day to make sure I didn’t miss any new posts. So it was great to see you post! Welcome back. Good to hear your husband is recovering well and that you had a good time away.
    I’ve never been to Paris, and don’t feel the need to go, either. It’s just not appealing to me. Maybe because it’s over-hyped. Maybe because EVERYONE wants to go there?

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and happy you haven’t forgotten about me:)

      You are right, it is overhyped. But, there is a but, the city itself and the country is soo rich in it’s history and culture that even if you didn’t do all the touristy stuff and just visited the city, you would find it beautiful. I am talking more about the way of life and the culture there.
      Granted it is small, people walk everywhere, they take metro, their recycle cans are 10 times bigger than their puppy sized trash cans, the people never start a conversation without hello and please as a way to show respect. These are things I think that you only see if you are actually there. What i am trying to say is that there is so much more to the romanticized version of Paris that people see in the movies:) I would say at least go there once before you rule it out?:)

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      1. I’ve seen some other countries in Europe that have a similar culture (the politeness, for example), so it’s not a novelty to me. As for seeing it before ruling it out, I agree, however, there are more countries on my list that I need to “rule out” first 😉

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  3. Salut! You know what? J’adore la langue francais ❤ I did a certificate course in French last year because my school didn't offer us the proper course when they were teaching us French as the third language. I don't know but there is something in the language that attracts me. Though I don't know much of it but the way it's spoken, it's softness, I just love it. I've never been to Paris but I think I'd like to visit it sometime.

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    1. Bonjour Saumya! Je parle un peu Francaise aussi. =) That is really cool because I also did a Level 1 Certificate in French language as well and the reason I took that course was exactly what you pointed out. The language is so soft and respectful and also romantic offcourse. I really enjoyed the visit and it was everything I had imagined plus so much more. =)

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      1. Oui! I remember one of my teachers telling me that if you want to learn the etiquettes, learn the French language. I think this is what had motivated me initially to learn it. I wish to learn it more when time allows me.


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