Blogging and Promoting Fellow Bloggers

Am I writing for an audience?

Of-course I am!

Who am I kidding? I enjoy the interaction, connection and sometimes looking at the stats!

It is easy to write journal entries because no one is reading that, but when writing for an audience or WP, I always think about how I can write content that is helpful to the masses of people that are reading. Makes it a bit more challenging but fun at the same time. So, I am trying something different today and I am writing to promote other bloggers without the usual nomination or award post. Although, I have a few of those to write too. I will start with this.

I feel like with the decline in readers and mass influx of followers that came from posting on Community Pool and the First Friday, there was a different pleasure in that. I think a lot of people, including myself, felt this as I have noticed the decline in the frequency of their posts (and mine).

Was I seeking pleasure? I think I was seeking connection with the online writing community and trying to find people that are like minded. I have found a few but hoping to find more.

I know our fellow blogger Novus Lectio started the Swimmers page which is very similar to the Community Pool and our sweet and salty Britchy does a lot to promote it :). It is great to see bloggers encouraging other bloggers to promote their writing.

Also in one of the posts written by the NonAlcoholic student, he expressed how hard it is to keep on writing without the encouragement of new followers or influx of new readers without the exposure that CP and FF provided.

At times like these though, our lovely Goldie keeps providing motivation to keep writing and pushing through it.

I also enjoy reading posts from Andrea, she writes almost every day and I find her emotions and doodles adorable.

If you weren’t featured in this post, don’t sweat! I will post more like these to keep motivating people to write and maybe send some traffic and followers your way. I hope I started a trend to keep promoting other bloggers to encourage them to keep writing.

Who do you write for? Where do you find the motivation to keep writing when you aren’t getting much traffic?  

Here is an opportunity to promote bloggers you enjoy! Tag some bloggers and promote their posts in the comments. 

26 thoughts on “Blogging and Promoting Fellow Bloggers

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  1. Awww! That was so sweet! It touched my heart.

    I have the same sentiment RE: CP and FF. But I have complained about it enough. It is now time to move on. We shall find new ways to connect. Admittedly, it might be harder, but there are ways. i just need to stretch 24h into 30.

    Thank you for the motivation 🙂

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  2. Same reaction as Goldie! It is extremely heart warming when people notice you instead of you being “just one of the million bloggers”!
    And also, thanks for mentioning my Doodles. They have been the largest project and joy in life 😀

    Motivation is easier when you have inspiration.
    I was always the quiet one and for 27 I had collect many opinions and experiences which I was never able to share.
    After one year, most of them are written down.
    I sometimes think I have writer’s block, but that only seems to last for a day or so.
    Today only I found inspiration looking at my PJ pants ! Haha.

    An audience is important for me.
    Otherwise I would just keep a diary and not write in an entertaining way or include pictures.
    I never was part of the community pool nor I am now.
    I started blogging in a period where I had a lot of time and boredom.
    I spent hours on WordPress reading, discovering, interacting.
    And quite honestly, I’m again in that phase.

    If you write less, you’re traffic will be less.
    But I understand, with work and in life in general, it’s hard to keep up.

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    1. I love your doodles, they are uplifting and you put in so much effort into it, they are adorable.😊

      I like what you said about “motivation is easier when you have inspiration”. I think I had lost that for a while. I can make excuses about how busy I was, work etc. but if I really wanted to write more I would have. But starting to get it back now and posts like yours also helps me keep going😀

      So, that’s interesting you weren’t on CP or FF, how do you then get most of your traffic? I am assuming from spending a lot of time in WP and directly engaging with bloggers?


  3. I have found that my blog is an outlet to share my pictures of things and places that we enjoy. A digital journal of sorts.

    My readers are those who also enjoy traveling and having fun with photography.

    I like blogs who keep me interested with a good read and also want interaction.

    Keep up the great sharing!

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  4. I saw a decline in traffic because of two events. One, the disconnecting of Community Pool, and the Facebook disconnect. I have a pretty good following on FB. I could create a page to get around the problem. So far, the new attempts to inspire and connect have not caught on here. One should still try. Like others, the avenues we have left to us should be promoted. I have to admit to a drop in inspiration, but have found other ways to use my writing bone.


    1. That was interesting to read. So there is no current connection to FB? I don’t use that platform, but I created an account for my blog, in hopes that I would actually use it, and grow my community. I haven’t been on it much, though. And then, I noticed there were some issues with the connection, but I never had the time (or will) to check it out, and now I see it’s disconnected. I thought it might have been just my account, because of my lack of use, or something. I guess it’s not…

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  5. August one, FB disconnected from WordPress. However, you can create yourself a Facebook page and reconnect. That is not a difficult process, I am just undecided whether it is in my benefit or not. This disconnect does allow me to have two different pipes. Articles meant for our connection here on FB to include the challenges and word prompts, while FB might be more for my flash fiction short stories. I am still digesting that process as good or bad. My FB short story connections goes back some 5 or 6 years, the audience there expects the flash fiction.

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  6. Ooh my frequency has definitely dwindled xD I think it’s always a good idea to question your intent or remind yourself of an intent once in a while 😀 I should tackle such questions more vigorously haha. What do I really want?

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  7. Since most of my readers are from Facebook, I went through the process to create a Facebook page. FB will hound you for a charge to boost the site, but you can ignore that, unless you want Boosting. They claim you can reach several thousand more readers, but there is a lot of contradictory comments.

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      1. I think it totally depends on your audience. I have had 10 to one traffic, Facebook over WordPress, so it makes sense to me. It took me about an hour to research how to construct the page, and perhaps another hour to move older posts over. Newer posts will autopost. I have tried it and it works. It looks pretty close to your normal FB page, so navigation for FB users is pretty straightforward. My biggest negative is I could not invite all my friends and family from the search engine it provides. For some reason, I had about 30 the engine did not find, and though I could search on my original FB page successfully, this new page just would not do it.


    1. An update on my comment, remembering Sept 25 was prior to the 50million account hacks. My ploy to reattach my WordPress to Facebook, following the Aug 1 disconnect, via a NEWLY created page did work in the sense that my WordPress would push a copy to the FB page. However comma, FB would not push notifications out to my users. Therefore, users were faced with a Pull Operation. To date, I have not uncovered how to get around this. FB does offer BOOST, which is meant for a business. Costs per post per day were 20 dollars per post. The expected audience for this price was 500-3000. Since I had some 100 posts and growing, this amounted to 2000 USD. Since mine is a simple blog, not a money maker, this makes no sense. My new schema is to resort to mechanical cut and past from WordPress to FB, and drop my newly created page.


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