How to communicate effectively? – Pick a Color!

So, I realize I have some new bloggers on my site. Welcome! =) Reblogging one of my posts as I would love to figure out what your communication style is! Also, it is helpful to figure out what color your coworkers are so you can speak to them using their style. So, what’s your color?

Curiosity - Start Something

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while and today is the day! A warm welcome to the new bloggers on my site!:)  Ok, back to the topic of this post: there are regular training sessions offered to employees in the company that I work for.  There are some people, you may know them, have their way with people. They have people skills! Some people came to mind?

There was this training called ‘Insights’ that I had at work with a group of professionals that I find has helped me work effectively with others. I would like to share it with you, maybe it will help you resolve communication issues, or a barrier, or even delegate some tasks?  This is mostly for a professional work environment but I am sure this is a transferable skill in any area of your life.

Most people want to be helpful…

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