~The one about ‘being’ love~

The idea for this post was originated from a conversation I had with a fellow blogger regarding my previous post ~Are you Okay?~ I have also been pretty philosophical lately, so I will keep exploring those thoughts.

The idea of actually ‘being’ love. We spend so much time trying to be in love, or falling in love or rising in love, finding love or wanting love. But, have you ever considered the idea of just simply ‘being’ love?

If I asked “what is love?” I am sure people will have different opinions and their own definitions of it which I am interested in hearing about. Feel free to express your opinion because this is what this post is meant to do. Think about love!

Today, I am exploring this thought where if you :

  • are satisfied within yourself
  • are happy from within not just from the external factors,
  • are able to give yourself the love you deserve without putting yourself down or comparing yourself with others

Then, I feel the excess overflow of that would then go on to others around us. I feel it is hard to love others unless you learn to be the love that you want. I once posted a quote “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. I am sure you can when your cup is full and overflowing with excess of it when you ARE love.

So, dear readers, what are your thoughts on ‘being’ love?

As Always,

Stat Curious & Have A Peaceful Day!

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