Open Spaces & Minds

What is it about open spaces that draw you to them? There is something about them! If you have seen the pictures I pick for my posts, most of them are open spaces in nature. Open spaces gives you the ability to look beyond barriers, it gives you clarity. When you need some space or peace of mind, find an open space on a hilltop,Β  beach or a rooftop (legally of-course!)Β  or just some space where you can see beyond.


Picture above is of the gorgeous view from top of Macchu Picchu, Peru

Even in my house, I purposely have less furniture so I have more free space. More free space also equates to less furniture and things you have to clean. Also equates to more time you have to do things you enjoy like writing, reading and to foster your creativity.

Have you ever wondered how your mind feels so free when you are hiking or taking a stroll through nature. There isn’t a lot of noise or people around you that could be distracting, you can just take deep breaths, be aware and feel. Sounds freeing doesn’t it? Try it!

Next time you are stressed out or need a break from work or any life crisis you may be having. Give yourself some time and treat yourself to some open spaces in nature. If you can’t go out, find it in the pleasure of clearing out a room that has been cluttered will also give you a serene sense of calmness. Get rid of all the clutter in that room and your mind will instantly feel at peace!

What are some of your favorite open spaces that help you clear your mind? What do you do to keep an open mind?

Today’s message – Just breathe, find some open spaces and keep an open mind!

15 thoughts on “Open Spaces & Minds

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  1. I never looked at open spaces as places without barriers. What a great perspective.
    To me, such places remind me how small we are (humbles me). How this world is so huge and beautiful (makes me want to go conquering and exploring). Such places give me clarity, because, normally, they are mostly away from the hustle and bustle, which clams me down and slows down my mind.

    I’m glad it’s not just me. I cannot stand cluttered homes. And like you said – the more furniture, the more work. I have moved not too long ago, and people were trying to “help” by offering to gift some furniture to me. But I had all that I needed. Why clutter the space with useless items. You will never stop, once you give in and start. Some think I lack a sense of style, but I am just more pragmatic when it comes to home “decor”.

    Water calms me down. Ponds, lakes, seas, oceans. Whatever. The hum is just magical. It hypnotizes me and makes me forget about everything around.

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    1. Thank you! Nature puts things in perspective and reminds us of how small we are in relation to the universe. Also, makes us feel like we are part of something bigger.

      Don’t get me wrong, life gets busy and there is clutter in some corners of the house everyday. By no means am I a neat freak. But, cleaning the clutter little at a time calms me down.

      You are right about how once you start you give in and keep going. The “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome right? For me, if I want something I will get it. Don’t really care what the Joneses are or aren’t doing. πŸ˜€

      Water bodies are calming, I agree. Sound of water is relaxing. I like listening to waterfalls too, or trying to sit on top of them looking down while my husband cringes πŸ™‚

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  2. This is exactly why I don’t like where I am living.
    The sea is nearby which I do like, but of course now it’s tourist season.
    Plus, this is a small but very overpopulated country.

    So far, I have been most attracted to Canada. I feel and look good after a day in nature and perhaps even seeing wild life! I love it so much more than crowded cities!

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  3. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post – Weekend Funnies. I am amazed at how popular some of these have become. Secondly, I like your idea about open spaces. I think I partially agree. What I mean is that I get exactly the same feeling that you describe, but mine is from nature and expanses of water. Like love, I can’t really explain it, I only know that I need it. It reassures me, completes me, calms me. I am fortunate in that I live in what could be called downtown Chicago. Yet, I ride my bike on the lakefront daily. I see the sun rise over the water daily.
    I am assaulted by nature, the water, the animals, rabbits, geese, squirrels, sea gulls. It all fills my soul. I don’t know that open spaces would do the same thing for me. Maybe. In any event, congrats on a wonderful theme for a blog post!


  4. I do find clutter to be stressful and having less stuff to be more relaxing or comfortable. Outdoors I love open spaces or just being surrounded by nature and probably most of all connecting with nature – listening to the sounds of nature, viewing it, and physically connecting by going barefoot or having my hands in the dirt while gardening. A great post.

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