~ Curiosity ~ 200 Followers – Thank you!

Hello Dear Readers – 200 followers today! Wanted to take some time and say THANK YOU!  It has been a little over 3 months since I started this blog and the support and interactions I have had with my readers has been amazing! Also, a warm welcome to the new bloggers following my site!:)


Thank you for LIKING my posts – to let me know you enjoyed them; putting your thoughts in the COMMENTS – for great conversations and FOLLOWING my blog – to support my creativity! I have been getting some REBLOGs of my posts too which is great! It makes me so happy to see it being reblogged, I’m honored! Lets me know that you are indeed enjoying my posts.

As I have mentioned in my previous post when I had my first 50 followers ~ Curiosity ~ Thank you! – My wish for all of you reading this is that you stay curious and are able gather the motivation to start the things you have always wanted to do or even try. Set your mind to something & go do it!

I am excited and looking forward to creating more fun quality content and being a better writer. Thank you for joining me & Stay Tuned!

As Always,

Stay Curious & Have a peaceful day!

34 thoughts on “~ Curiosity ~ 200 Followers – Thank you!

Add yours

    1. Thanks Andrea! 🙌🏼 Appreciate it! I love to write and am passionate about intellectual blog-versations.

      Also, I get to meet like minded people aka my kinda’ people which is a bonus!😊☀️☀️


  1. Wow, and now you have close to 500 followers!Your blog grew so fast, and you totally deserve it.Your writing style is super unique, and I love your blog!I’d love for you to maybe check my blog out too!<3


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