MONEY – Let’s talk! ~ Start here ~

Hello dear readers - The best way to learn about something for me, is by either talking through it with someone or writing. So, today I chose to write about it and talk to YOU. Because, WHY NOT?:) I know money can be an uncomfortable topic for people to talk about. But, that is precisely why I... Continue Reading →

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Sugar Free – Why, What and HOW? ~Day 1~

So I have been thinking a lot about writing this post. Every time I want to start doing  something, I do quite a bit of research. I immerse myself in the topic day after day night after night until I feel like I have somewhat of an understanding of what it is. Books? yep! Podcasts?... Continue Reading →

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~ Growth ~ What’s luck?

Hello dear readers, Feeling a bit philosophical today. You wouldn't mind indulging in philosophy for a little bit, would you? 🙂 We are growing each day no matter what. Whether we like it or not, it is happening physically and mentally. To aim to achieve one's full potential is a different type of growth. One... Continue Reading →

Why Rural Women Farmers Needs More Support

Why Rural Women Farmers Needs More Support — Read on This is the first post I am sharing on my site and I believe this is something that needed to be shared. If not for anything else, to spread awareness. These rural women farmers truly deserve support & appreciation! Have a read!

~Onwards~ 3 months – You?

Hello Dear Readers, It's spring and still snowing here. I put the cushions on the swing-set out on my porch only to find it covered in s-Nooooooo(w)! It was starting to get sunnier and warmer but the weather gods decided they were just kidding! Anyway, I have sunshine in my thoughts! Since I know you... Continue Reading →

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